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Max Supply Circulating Supply Issue Date 220 vote(s)
- 13,000,000 2017-11-01 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
$0.500000 POW Ethash
Source Code White Paper Website ARN Coin
Aeron’s solution relies on blockchain technology to track aircraft maintenance and pilot logs. Aeron is constructing a database and an online system that is decentralized, hosting global data on aircraft, flight schools and pilots. This electronic logging system would force pilots to have logs that reflect accurate flight hours, making aviation safer for everyone involved.

Aeron (ARN) utility token will be incorporated in Aeron products. It helps to enhance product usage, allow contribution to the ecosystem, product access and ownership. ARN is a bootstrapping engagement. While the token will enable access to valuable features within the Aeron platform, it won’t be limited by the Aeron mobile applications.
220 vote(s)

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