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10,000,000,000 1,965,033,333 --
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0.0067 美元 -- --
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The Celer Network is a Layer 2 expansion platform that supports fast, convenient, and secure chain transactions and smart contracts under the ubiquitous chain.


The mission of the Celer Network ("Celer" or "Project") is to create a seamless ecosystem with second-tier capacity expansion and to promote blockchain technology.

Value orientation

Celer Network's value proposition is divided into two aspects: developers and end users.

End-user: Real-time interaction: Thanks to the advanced chain-operated network, the Celer Network accelerates the slow dApp on the blockchain by 10,000 times for a seamless interactive experience. Users can thus perform a variety of operations through the dApp, including performing real-time payments, trading on decentralized exchanges without delay, and enjoying a millisecond-delayed gaming experience.

A lot of fun: Users can enter the fun and interactive decentralized world through Celer Network, exploring a variety of accelerated applications such as real-time payments, interactive games and forecasting markets. The community will develop and launch new applications on a regular basis.

Spend less and earn more: With the Celer Network's ability to pay in the chain, users can pay a small amount of money to anyone without any restrictions. This means that merchants can use the Celer Network to instantly increase revenue. In addition, Celer also implements efficient chain smart contracts.

Developer: Easy to build: The Celer SDK supports all development platforms: iOS, Android and desktop. Developers don't need to learn new smart contract languages ​​for existing blockchains, and easily convert existing slow dApps into Celer-supported, efficient interactive dApps.

Driving popularity: Celer can greatly enhance the user experience and reduce user friction in blockchain applications, thus accelerating the popularity of decentralized applications.

Easy to monetize: App popularity doesn't mean it's easy to make money. However, developers can host full nodes on the Celer decentralized network, making it easy to profit from the value stream of the app.

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