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1000000000 100000 2018-11-21 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
Source Code White Paper Website CNT Token
CNT (CoT Network Token) is a globally distributed token based on CoT Network Project. CNT will never be in any Initial Coin Offering activities and will not be used for fundraising.
CNT is issued based on the Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol with total amount of 1 billion. In the early stage, community builders and followers are rewarded with a small amount of CNT. Major amount of CNT will be distributed in the process of conducting practical work using CoT Network.
CNT, as an essential part of the CoT Network‘s ecosystem, will be applied to different scenarios and characters in the ecosystem, including CRP (computing resource provider), CRC (computing resource consumer), DApp developers, and etc. for promoting the constructions and developments of the network.
Sharing and building together with transparency are core principles of blockchain. CoT Network will buy-back CNT with the profits gained each season from the practical work conducted in the network to ensure that CNT has long term potential of increase in its value as the practical work increasing. 
236 vote(s)

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