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100,000,000 8741 2019-04-26 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
0 POW ERC 20
Source Code White Paper Website CT Coin

In 2018, the global gambling industry's transaction volume reached 600 billion US dollars, and is expected to reach a new high in 2019. This is an industry full of legends of “sudden wealth” and “make big profits with a small capital”, which has been fascinating since ancient times. However, the industry is also full of shady and questioning. The birth of blockchain technology has given the gambling industry a new way out: fairness, transparency and sharing mechanisms. The entertainment board game platform on chain came into being. Entertainment on chain distributes equity tokens (CT token) at Ethereum ERC20 platform, sharing platform profits to all users. In order to guarantee the game experience, we also use the EOS network to open the game, ensuring the verification of fairness. Build a new blockchain ecosystem in this way, a new, secure, transparent, borderless gambling platform. All of our games are dealt based on blockchain technology, ensuring the fairness. Platform equity token (CT token) allow holders to share the full profit of platform games. Profits are visible in real time and dividends are settled in a daily way.

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