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1,000,000,000 50,000,000 2018-05-31 00:00:00 UTC
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I. Overall Introduction

everiToken is the world's first public-chain project centered on tokens. Its goal is to build the most user-friendly public chain in the areas of tokenizing and token economy. Its main network was launched on July 31.

everiToken has three technical features:

High TPS (10000+)

High security

High standardization

everiToken removes the smart contract of the traditional blockchain architecture, and creates its own security contract.

Both the traditional Internet app and the blockchain Dapp can use the core functions of everiToken by calling the security contract related API (interface), which shortens the development cycle from 4 months to 7 days and guarantees its security. It naturally suits the traditional Internet projects which want to use blockchain technology.

II. Technical Features

The three key innovations of everiToken:

1, the original "Token-Based" ledger model core technology, natural suitable for high concurrency

2, the original "security contract", substitute traditional smart contracts;

3, the original "everiPay", the world's first Token verification and payment standard agreement.

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