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Max Supply Circulating Supply Issue Date 62340 vote(s)
75,000,000 15,000,000 2017-10-13 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
0 POW ERC 20
Source Code White Paper Website EXMR Token

We develop with the following functions and services:                        

Wallet Vault Coins Services.  Payment Gateway.  Merchant tools  Pay by Name   Point of Sales   EXMR staking bonus  Swap Between Coins.   Fiat Services.  Faster Transaction. ICO Services.  Airdrop Services.  Store's Profile.  HTML:  Payment Button Creator.  Public Coin Vote. 

Security functions: 

White Hacker Bounty.  High Security.  Login Authentication by Google and email code.  IP address login security. etc..

EXMR within GetCryptoPayments has the following functions: it will use as a fixed fee for the use of the following services: Receive payments in crypto currencies, through our payment gateway and Fiat services fee too. EXMR is the payment method to be able to list a token or coin within our platform. Another use is that people can lock our EXMR and receive profits in EXMR each month from our GetCryptoPayments ecosystem.


62340 vote(s)