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Source Code White Paper Website HSN Token

Hyper Speed Network (HSN) is the world's first value ecosystem network for public chain +5G application architecture. HSN has the following characteristics: Using blockchain technology, it builds a network security and trust mechanism for terminal uplink in 5G architecture; realizes a high-throughput, low-latency, high-concurrency, low-power value ecosystem network; can support the future digital age Multi-source information exchange and exchange of big data on the chain, as well as diversified asset registration, exchange, interaction and flow; A new economy that realizes the interconnection of all things, builds a data world on the chain, and promotes information profit. As a basic public chain for the 5G digital economy era and focusing on 5G application scenarios, HSN aims to use the blockchain technology to achieve complex application scenario business chain, which will help the industry development in the 5G digital era. After the main online line, HSN will be widely used in cloud VR/AR, smart security, car networking, smart city, smart manufacturing, drone, SDWAN+NAS, Mesh products, edge computing modules and other applications in 5G environment.

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