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Max Supply Circulating Supply Issue Date 217 vote(s)
10,000,000,000 5,000,000,000 2018-07-16 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
¥0.01 POW Ethash
Source Code White Paper Website KLB
- Token
KLChain unites renowned motion picture companies around the world, music production studios, and 30 or so of the world’s most influential TV channels to create a global entertainment digital asset chain. It is an open, scalable, and creative industry facing blockchain. Meaning that, based on KLChain, people will be able to build diverse businesses targeting specific scenarios. You will be able to openly vote on movie stars, popular singers, online movies, movies still in production, movies still in planning, scripts, and more.  Using blockchain technology will allow artists to have more social credibility and to be able to openly and fairly gain the favor of the masses, using KLChain as a platform to give back to the fans directly. 
KLChain establishes a direct, diverse, and stable interaction with fans of movies, music, and other areas. 
In addition, KLChain can safeguard the intellectual property of movies, music, fans, and investors. KLChain will use the exclusive resources at its disposal to collaborate with global motion picture companies, online movies, and online celebrities to gradually create copyright recognition, release global IP derivatives, cultivate artists, create content, distribute over platforms, and many other different scenarios.
KLChain will integrate entertainment resources, IP copyright parties, developers, and traders to build an entertainment ecosystem with IP public chains, big data, and community all in one.
217 vote(s)