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Max Supply Circulating Supply Issue Date 217 vote(s)
51,530,001 40,477,042 2018-07-06 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
0 POS None
Source Code White Paper Website NulleX Coin

NulleX (Symbol: NLX) is a data privacy focused decentralized platform creating, registering and relaying economic data between participants.

NulleX is a dynamic and self-sustaining network governed by its peers, who maintain its integrity via a Proof-of—Stake consensus mechanism. Using its unique, in-house data privacy solution called Null Protocol, NulleX is being built into a platform that powers a wide variety of uses, ranging from sending untraceable transactions between people, to running decentralized applications without compromising user identity or leaving an activity trace behind for anyone else to find.

NulleX is the future of online data privacy solution.

217 vote(s)