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Max Supply Circulating Supply Issue Date 222 vote(s)
10,000,000,000 4,750,000,000 2018-01-17 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
$0.013200 POW Ethash
Source Code White Paper Website OCN
- - Coin
Odyssey(OCN)’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. 

Odyssey(OCN) is a revolutionary mission against the current centralised sharing economy to build one decentralised sharing economy and peer to peer ecosystem. The sharing economy has been rapidly emerging as a large and expanding force. This is fueled by declining transaction costs. Smartphones, internet connectivity, and the cloud allow consumers to efficiently search for their desired goods and services, understand terms, ensure timely logistics, and enforce the agreed-upon contracts. Formerly frustrating transactions have become less troublesome.

In the future, sharing will become the norm and private ownership will be a luxury. One may own nothing but everyone can simply share everything. One can adjust your expenses flexibly in accordance with the demand. One will purchase something to the extent that one actually needs it instead of spending more. Sharing will enable utilisation of spare resources and increase the overall income and welfare of the society.

Odyssey(OCN) aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.

Odyssey(CON)’s official token is OCN. OCN is the basic unit of accounts in Odyssey(OCN)’s blockchain. The value of all other tokens is derived from the value of OCN. Those who wish to enter or exit Odyssey(OCN) must buy or sell OCN.
222 vote(s)

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