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Max Supply Circulating Supply Issue Date 218 vote(s)
20亿 - --
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
0.4元 POW 非对称加密
Source Code White Paper Website PCT Token
PlayerChainCity, the project ,which uses block chain technology to create the bottom of the game platform, creates a new game ecosphere,Using the token economy, provides new production relations for global players, and continues to provide fun game content. PCT, the token of PlayerChainCity porject is the proof of the rights and interests of the game platform 

PlayerChainCity, the project which uses of block chain bottom technology to create a game platform, the use of block chain de-centralization, open transparency, consensus characteristics, creates a new game ecosphere, for global players to provide a different game experience. PCT, the token on the PlayStation, is the proof of the rights and interests of the PlayerChainCity and enjoys the rights and interests of the play station. Users holding PCT can participate in games, purchase props, and get bonus from the platform. PCT and game props can be transferred to your wallet for permanent storage. 
218 vote(s)

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