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100,664,516 88,852,688 2017-03-16 00:00:00 UTC
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$0.294100 POS -
Source Code White Paper Website QTUM - Coin
Quantum Chain Qtum is the first POS smart contract platform based on UTXO model. It can achieve compatibility with Bitcoin Ecology and Ethereum Ecology, and promote the productization of blockchain technology to improve the blockchain industry through mobile strategy. It eases the use of blockchain and is a great contribution to blockchain platform application.

The Quantum Chain uses its academic partners, development tools, and methodologies to standardize the development of business intelligence contracts. An example is the accurate translation of natural language contracts into machine-readable smart contracts, high-tolerance details, and contract terms. Third parties will develop dedicated user interfaces with the help of the Quantum Chain to enhance smart contract lifecycle management.

The Quantum Chain is designed to create a smart contract hub through collaboration with a range of partners and third parties, providing secure and tested test contract templates for a variety of industries such as supply chain management, communications, internet of things, social Media and so on.
215 vote(s)