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Rutile is a fee-less decentralized application platform that allows businesses to create better experiences for their users. Blockchain is great for generating trust and transparency around your application. But it suffers a lot of issues for the user. And using the blockchain can get confusing very quickly. Which ends in user frustration and possible loss of money. 

By making Rutile a public fee-less network we eliminate any friction between your user and the application. Allowing for more engagement on your application. We aim to make the experience of web 3.0 applications as good as using a web 2.0 application. 

Rutile includes many features to make developments of Dapps easier and less fragmented. We have features such as storage, smart contracts, state storage, and hosting. By including all these features we allow developers to stop looking for what tools they have to use and start writing their application. Rutile supports WebAssembly which allows developers to pick any language they want for their smart contracts. It's also easy for an application to be ported over from blockchains such as Ethereum to Rutile. This is because Rutile uses the same rules as Ethereum (Such as addresses, private keys, and following the eWASM spec)

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