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What is worrying is that Japan’s social security system will be deadlocked in the near future, where people can see serious problems such as a decline in birth rates and an aging population. The recently introduced medical management measures can be observed not only in terms of welfare but also in health care, such as increasing personal payment responsibilities, expanding the unified fee treatment system, reducing the number of hospital stays, and promoting the use of generic drugs. These measures contradict Japan's deep-rooted medical ethics, which Japan can describe as "medical is a charity art." People can feel the direction of economic driving and reproduce the “managed care” implemented in the United States. In these cases, interest in disease prevention is increasing in Japan. However, the focus is on improving lifestyles such as diet and exercise. Many people do not consult experts, but take care of their own health. On the other hand, simply improving lifestyles to prevent disease is not enough. Checking the body only regularly to clarify whether there is an abnormality in the body that does not meet my age? is the most effective way to detect the disease early. “Is it possible to prevent disease or extend healthy life through stems? Cell therapy as the most advanced regenerative medicine?” Based on these concepts, we launched the STEM CELL PROJECT project to extend healthy life expectancy.

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