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The SKR token (SKR: STAKING TOKEN) is a proof of the equity and value transfer of the STAKING Ecology. The total amount of SKR issuance is constant at 50 billion pieces and will never be issued. From Staking Economy to financial credit business, SKR Pass has a unique and important role. The holder of the certificate will receive the decision of STAKING's important choice and enjoy the rights of the platform. Investors who entrust tokens to complete equity mining and lending in STAKING can more flexibly grasp the distribution of digital currency assets, increase the diversity of investment portfolios and controllability of assets to the market. At the same time, SKR also shoulders the responsibility of expanding the entire Staking Economy through a win-win cooperation model. SKR has the ability and motivation to protect the entire PoS ecosystem by making the STAKING platform the safest and most stable node in the PoS ecosystem.

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