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Concept of SKY
 Skycoin (or SKY), is a next generation distributed cryptocurrency that originated around the time Litecoin was first introduced. Skycoin is a successor and replacement to Bitcoin. The main features are safety, ease of use, accessibility, and other specific improvements to Bitcoin, addressing Bitcoin’s problems. Skycoin fixed the inherent problems and restrictions that Bitcoin had, mainly design, implementation, and configuration. Skycoin satisfied the need to use a user’s output as a transaction medium. It was able to fully continuously function with low budget hardware, slow internet, and constant attacks over the internet, ensuring a more healthy and secure environment. 
 The Skycoin development team was one of the first teams to master the core technology of blockchain. Skycoin founder and core member, Brandon Smietana, is a popular figure on Bitcointalk, the Bitcoin authoritative forum. He is also the CEO of Symbolic Analytics and is a top hacker with strong appeal in the blockchain industry and also participated in the early development of Bitcoin.
 Skycoin is a next generation distributed trading system that ensures safety, privacy, and ease of use.
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