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Max Supply Circulating Supply Issue Date 221 vote(s)
472,000,000 383,021,000 2017-09-25 00:00:00 UTC
Issue Price Consensus Protocol Cryptographic Algorithm
$0.081700 POW Ethash
Source Code White Paper Website SUB file:///D:/Downloads/1519008322299.pdf Coin
Substratum is creating an open-source foundation for a decentralized web which will provide unrestricted access to content and sharing of information for users across the globe. Our mission is to bring forth the free and fair internet of the future by combining proven technological building blocks with emergent technologies in an innovative and holistic way to help solve many of the problems that plague the modern internet.

Substratum will gain mass adoption by revolutionizing the hosting industry with per-request billing via micro-transactions and incentivizing users to run nodes to create the network by paying node hosts in Substrate. This is all being managed by blockchain technology and machine learning.
221 vote(s)

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