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2,000,000,000 - 2018-06-20 00:00:00 UTC
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Source Code White Paper Website TTB
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From the launch of the project in February 2018 there have been 2 billion downloads and over 300 thousand participants in the official social platform. TTB continuously deepens its influence in media, competitive sports, live broadcasting, and other areas.

Interactive Blockchain Network.The goal of TTB is to build an equal community that not only provides security and privacy, but you can also buy content and pay for other services with TTB. Current encryption technology has combined the benefits of communication and socialization with p2p business and marketing.

Calculating Rewards and Punishment.Once a user contributes to the development of the community, the user will receive a token. On the contrary, any detrimental behavior will lead to deduction of tokens. The guidelines are included in the community's smart contract.

Decentralized Advertising Platform.In the future, we will no longer look at online advertising the same way as before. From now on, advertising will become more subtle, realistic, and relevant. A decentralized advertising platform will provide advertisers and users with the opportunity to bid for ad space instead of it being controlled by specific individuals or groups.

Digital Identity.Personal value and responsibility will be based on blockchain digital identities. Protect your digital assets in this digital world.
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