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TYT is the community pass of tianya community, a digital asset measuring users' contribution value to tianya community. Tianya (TYT) systems and the future will choose to long-term "wen gen field etheric fang" as the goal in view of the original content of the community of more professional, efficient and lower cost of the chain (HiChain) on the chain, the chain was founded in Singapore by fire from the group and the end of the world community to build "global gen block chain laboratory" to provide some technical consulting incubation industry chain project, launched main chain one years to complete.

TYT allocation consists of two major parts: 20% is reserved for community and used for community ecological development; 80 percent go into the bonus pool to incentivize good original content and positive community behavior.

TYT entering the bonus pool made the following allocation:
1.The realtors' participation in community activities won 38%, and 30% of them were used for active behavior incentive (reduced by 2% to 20% annually in the next five years), 5% for super node reward and 3% for key node reward.
2.Content creators get 31% (up 1% to 36% annually for the next 5 years);
Viewers (thumb up) get 31% (up 1% to 36% each year for the next 5 years).
3.In the future, the reward rules will be adapted to the development of the community

Tianya can be obtained through the following ways:

One creation award: create excellent content, and the creator gets TYT award after being thumb up.

2. Thumb up reward: get TYT reward by giving high-quality content thumb up;

Reward for behavior: keep tianya diamond, thumb up one time every day, you will be rewarded for behavior of the day.

Four node rewards: become a super node or key node, and get corresponding TYT rewards.
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