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Source Code White Paper Website VNS Coin
VNS is the main network currency of Venus, and it has been launched on the main network at present.

AMT Community believes that the blockchain technology will certainly change human lifestyle, the communication of future society will evolve into value interconnection on the basis of the current information interconnection, and in the trust system constructed by blockchain, all kinds of people or things will deliver their value via the blockchain network, to form a rich ecology of value internet, to eventually increase the social production efficiency greatly.

The consensus of “create value, deliver value, and realize value interconnection” has brought AMT Community members from different industries and regions together, to contribute self-worth so as to achieve common goals. Under such background, it is those people who have jointly created the value interconnection platform—VNS, in order to realize their common ideal. VNS platform which carries the idea of AMT Community, will gather global value creators, and furnish every ecology participant with full support and services, to drive the flow of ecological value and achieve the mutual benefits and joint growth of ecology participants.
351 vote(s)

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